Harcourts Values

People First. Doing The Right Thing. Being Courageous. Fun and Laughter.

People First.

Companies don't succeed. People do. As an organization, we understand that our success is all about people – our team and our clients. We must never lose sight of the “people” being at the center of everything we do.

Doing the Right Thing

There is never a right time to do the wrong thing. Instinctively, we all know the right thing to do, so our focus is always to make the right decision and always do the right thing.

Being Courageous

It takes courage always to do the right thing, consistently tell the truth, and be the best at what we do. It takes courage to change a career, open a new office, and enter a new market or country. Every day we must, as an organization and as individuals, act with courage.

Fun and Laughter

We spend a significant part of our lives in our profession – we must never forget that the journey is the most important thing, not necessarily the destination. Having fun and laughter along the way ensures that we are creating a life worth living.
Our values are entrenched in how Harcourts operates – in the decisions we make and the actions we take. Our values provide the foundation for our success.

Our Philosophy

It's all about people

Successfully buying and selling real estate is mostly about fulfilling people's needs, dreams, and aspirations. That's why our Harcourts team not only receives in-depth professional training, which has become recognized as the benchmark for the entire industry, but we are committed to building meaningful and genuine relationships with our clients. The enormous volume of referrals and repeat business generated is proof that this combination satisfies everyone involved.

A complete consultative approach is what makes the Harcourts' way of doing things so seamless. Trust, honesty, and integrity continue to be the company's hallmarks. Add to those attributes an intimate knowledge of the local market and current property trends, a solid work ethic plus well-developed negotiation skills, and you have the perfect recipe for success.

Our Purpose

We Create Success

Whenever someone interacts with the organization, they must be more successful for that interaction. Whether that person is a client, a business owner operating a Harcourts franchise, or a receptionist, our organization is committed to assisting and ensuring that person achieves their goals, whatever they may be. We know that real estate clients want to deal with consultants with knowledge, expertise, honesty, and principles and are committed to achieving the best possible result. Above all, they want to deal with real people – that's why we put absolute focus on creating a relationship of trust and respect with all our clients. We've found that this philosophy is perfect for achieving personal satisfaction, high morale, and continued success.